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Ways to Promote Proper Hydration Among Preschoolers

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Your little one is more prone to dehydration than you because his body does not cool down efficiently. Therefore, you need to come up with great dehydration habits for your kid from a young age. There are ways to keep your child hydrated.

  • Make Drinking Fun
    For most of us drinking water can be quite boring and although adding juices will make it taste better, we try to avoid it. But we can use fun drinking bottles and cups, ice cube shapes or fun straws to reduce the dullness of a glass of water.
  • Never Wait Until your Kid Tells you He is Thirsty
    If your preschooler feels thirsty, he is already a bit dehydrated so ensure he is taking enough water throughout the day. If your child is enrolled with us here at Hilltop Children’s Center, a child care near Liberty Hill, TX, this is something you shouldn’t worry about.

    Even if your kid refuses to drink the whole cup of water, we encourage him to take few more sips before we let him run off to his tasks. With kids who are extremely active, we have to ensure they get a great drink thirty minutes before and a big drink later too.

  • Put Fruits to Water to Come Up with Fun Drinks
    Will your child like strawberries and ice in his drink? What about apple slices on his cup’s rim? Definitely, this is a fun way to encourage water drinking at home and avoid your child’s desire for fizzy drinks.
  • Fruitastic Hydration
    Keeping your child hydrated does not need to mean consuming plenty of water. A lot of vegetables and fruits also have high water content. Give fruit salads that are made with strawberries and watermelon to your kid or provide him snacks of cucumber and celery.
  • Keeping Him Hydrated at School
    Research shows that children kept hydrated at school tend to do better there. Send him freshly filled water bottle every day. Here at Hilltop Children’s Center, a leading child care near Liberty Hill, TX, we make sure your child is well hydrated so he can stay active to do his activities.
  • Just Encourage Never Nag
    Never try to nag to your child if he refuses to drink the whole glass of water you prepare. Kids tend to respond better to praises so why not reward your child’s water drinking effort with plenty of encouragement?

Hilltop Children’s Center understands that you want just the best for your child. Our child care near Liberty Hill, TX makes sure that your child is well-attended while you are away. Need child care services? Contact us now at 512-966-1106.

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