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Is homework helpful to the kids?

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A century-long debate that has been the center of most studies about children has always involved the importance of giving homework to kids. There are some studies which claim that homework is useless because it is mostly the parents who will do it. Homework are only added stress for kids, considering that they are supposed to be playing or doing other things that are fun and playful.

On the other hand, there are also some researchers who claim that homework is beneficial. It makes the child more responsible, as the additional task helps them manage their time well. Moreover, it also reinforces their knowledge about the topic discussed in class, and it could even help improve their academic performance.

But if you ask us at Hilltop Children’s Center, the forefront of child care near Liberty Hill, TX, homework is vital to student’s learning, just as long as it is kept to a minimum. This means that we should give homework which the student can easily comprehend and will be able to answer without taking too much time.

Homework are generally helpful, just as long as these factors are considered:

  • The goal of your homework is clearly discussed
    Often times, teachers give homework to students just for the sake of doing it. They fail to make the students understand the objective of such activity and how this could help them understand the lesson better.

    That is why it has been a general rule in our child care facility that teachers should give reasonable take home tasks. They should give these tasks an additional learning activity that would give them more inputs about the lesson, and not just an added burden for elementary kids.

  • Homework should not exceed the 10-minute rule
    There are some studies that have been conducted showing that assignments for elementary kids must not go beyond 10 minutes. At least within this duration, they get to do their homework without sacrificing family time and their own recreational activities.

    The kids will have the time to play and do other things, thereby maximizing their time. Moreover, we can also help your child with their homework. Our services at Hilltop Children’s Center include helping your elementary kids with their homework in different subject areas.

  • Homework helps improve study habits
    One of the biggest benefits of homework is that it helps the kids develop their own study habits. Even by just allotting 10 minutes every day to do a particular homework, it can already create a big impact on the children’s study habits. It will soon become part of their daily tasks, and eventually, it will help them manage their time well.

    The question whether homework is beneficial or not is just a matter of perspective. No matter how many researches have been conducted on it, it is inevitable that teachers will really have to give assignments to the kids every now and then. We just have to teach the kids to be responsible.

Know more about our homework assistance at Hilltop Children’s Center. For details, you can visit our website www.hilltopchildrenscenter.com.

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