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4 Learning Materials Your Kids Will Love

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Teaching kids are both fun and challenging. It is fun in the sense that you get to guide them on learning the ABCs and be mesmerized about how fast they can learn the lesson. However, it can become challenging, especially when the kids are so hyperactive that they tend to roam around every now and then or focus more on the toys than the lesson itself.

But if you let your creative juices work, you can turn these toys into a learning material that your kids will love. Today, on the blog, we will give you four simple learning aids that you can use when teaching your kids the basic alphabets and teach them how to count.

  1. Teach them in a song
    Kids are always keen on creative teaching. If you noticed, kids can easily memorize the alphabet songs and learn how to count from one to ten because it is being taught in a song. Some parents would even copy the tunes of nursery rhymes and talk to their kids in a singsong rhythm. Based on studies, singing to your kids is good for their cognitive development and math skills.
  2. Make your own mini playground

    Games help improve your child’s motor skills, especially when they get to play in the playground. But you need not worry about finding a safe daycare center or a nearby playground because you can make your own version of it.

    You can have your mini playground in your living room or spare room. You only need to make miniature obstacles using sofa cushions, pillows, and cardboard boxes that your kids can use to crawl over or be their little playhouse.

  3. Colored Books
    One of the best ways to learn a new language is through reading and listening. Although your children cannot read the book yet, but through the photos and its designs, it can help them connect what they hear and what they see on the pictures. Through books, children will start to recognize the arrangement of words and remember bits and pieces of what they hear from you.

    Indeed, playing is one of the best ways for the children to learn. We should let them play as much as possible and let them enjoy their childhood at the same time. It is in their independence and enjoyment that they can learn the most.

    Puzzles help them identify what pieces fit together, and at the same time, help them with their problem-solving skills. The Lego blocks help them with their analytical skills as well and their creativity as they try to create new figures every now and then. Cooking games work the same as those mentioned above. These are very effective in developing the child’s thinking skills.

    There are some educational toys that can challenge your babies thinking capacity. Some of these are puzzles, Lego blocks, and even cooking games. These can help develop their cognitive skills.

  4. Toys can teach your kids too!
    As one of the leading child care near Liberty Hill, TX, Hilltop Children’s Center is complete with the essential learning materials that every child needs. We always ensure that they will understand the basic concepts of the lesson and retain their learning.

Our learning facilities are catered to the children’s needs. They are age appropriate and safe. With Hilltop Children’s Center, your child’s future is bright.

To know more about us and our services, please visit our website at www.hilltopchildrenscenter.com.

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