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Spring Activities for your Young Learner

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Spring signals the end of the cold season and the transition to a hot and lively time of the year. It calls out for a new beginning, the spring breaks, the Easter egg hunts, St. Patrick’s Day and more.

Make your child’s spring extra special through various activities you can have him or her engage in. In this blog, Hilltop Children’s Center, your reliable provider of child care near Liberty Hill, TX, is going to share with you spring activities your young learner will surely adore:

  • A garden for the little adventurer
    We see spring as a season where the trees grow their leaves and flowers start to bloom. Make this season extra special and full of learning by making a little garden for your little adventurer.

    A garden is a perfect spot for your young learner. He or she can explore on how Mother Nature operates on making the world a beautiful place. It can even be the ideal place where experiments can happen. Aside from that, it will also keep the child from running over and working on your side of the lawn. Think of it as a benefit for both you and your child.

  • Build a nest!
    Some birds migrate to other places during winter and come back to our place in spring. Once they come back, it is their time to be merry, find their pair and procreate.

    What better way to remind your child of this joyous moment than to build a nest? You see, a nest symbolizes the bird’s house and at the same time, it tells us that we are welcoming back these feathery creatures back home. It does not only teach your child some skills but also empathy and compassion.

    You do not have to build a bird house. You can simply use yarn or wool and glue. Afterwards, you can put your child’s creation on his or her window sill.

  • Make a spring mural
    It is beautiful to do one with your child. And it is even more exciting if this art reminds you of the season, decorates your house and gives both of you and your child a good time together.

    If you have a plain glass window, why not make them gorgeous by adorning them with foam sheets cut out as things that remind you of spring.

    Do you want ideas? We list down a couple of these symbols:

    • Baby birds
    • Butterflies
    • Eggs
    • Flowers
    • Lady bugs

    After cutting these shapes and animals, put them on your glass windows. What will you use in posting these? Just post them using water! Once you do so, ask the help of your little toddler.

  • Go out and paint
    Spring is all about plants, your lawn and of course, flowers. And when it comes to flowers, we need pots! But you do not have to stick to boring old orange pots. You can customize and decorate these things.

    Styled and beautiful flower pots are the rage when it comes to spring. And it would be more fun if you and your child unleash both of your creativity through painting these flower pots. So, bring out the paint, your brush, your pot and of course, your toddler!

  • Play dough
    If you do not have any space for your child’s mini garden, you can opt for play dough. Help your child make a miniature of their own dream garden. You can also teach them art tricks to form flowers, leaves, grasses and the likes.
  • Bake some cupcakes
    Baking is not limited to a single season. You can bake during winter, and most especially during spring. And while you are at it, decorate your cupcakes according to the season.

    Have your child help you around especially when it comes to mixing the ingredients together and putting decorations on the cupcakes. Maybe you can ignite his or her talent for baking.

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