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Gadgets, Internet, and How to Protect Your Child Online

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Modern technology helps us do our tasks faster and lighter. We can learn, play, communicate, socialize, and even shop through our gadgets and internet connections.

Having access to these advancements is also a privilege to many children. There are numerous shows, websites, and applications for kids online that can hone their skills and add to their knowledge and experiences.

However, some sites can expose our youngsters to graphic, violent, or explicit activities through pornographic or gory materials, video clips, songs, and others, which can cause harm to their innocent minds. Plus, they can be subject to online predators, pedophiles, bullies, etc. As their parents and their child development center in Liberty Hill, TX, how can we protect them?

  • Parental controls – this feature is part of most of the gadgets we use. Check their phone or tablet to set your preferences.
  • Child-friendly applications – some apps are purely for kids only. Install kid versions of well-known applications instead of the regular ones. That way, the information they can search is filtered.
  • Parental guidance on online activities – Whether your kids love playing outdoors or get themselves busy with gadgets, adult supervision is their primary source of protection. Whenever your children are studying, playing, or browsing the internet, you and the child care provider should explain the situations the kids witness onscreen. Children nowadays are curious— they might open a malicious website. Tell them to report any suspicious person or page to avoid getting victimized.

Hilltop Children’s Center commits to the learning and development of the younger generation. Our children’s center in Liberty Hill, Texas aims for their overall welfare as well. Call 512-966-1106 to know more about our programs and how we can help your kids reach their potentials.

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