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Using Real-Life Strategies to Nurture a Child’s Inborn Motivation

The majority of kids are eager to go to school. They think that school is a developmental challenge they can master and engage in positively. But, soon they find out they are judged and assessed in a competitive atmosphere. And … Continue reading

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The Role of Play in a Child’s Preschool Years

In preschool, kids have to learn some skills to prepare them for elementary school. Preschool boosts a child’s academic focus and play maintains an essential role. Kids are naturally playful. As they explore their senses they start to play by … Continue reading

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How to Make a Child Want to Learn?

Learning as a preschooler has something to do both by fear and motivation. Fear can be caused by separation anxiety. Motivation, on the other hand, is the recovery from such. At Hilltop Children’s Center, a reliable provider of child care … Continue reading

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How to Develop a Child’s Initiative at an Early Age?

Initiative is essential in growing up. The feeling when you gain purpose and sense in life is rewarding. And we all love to produce adults with that kind of persona. As parents, you may want to start it with your … Continue reading

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Simple Yet Effective Ways to Teach your Child a Sense of Gratitude

Every parent wants his child to be grateful for what he has. So here are some simple ways to teach your small child to learn a sense of gratitude. The Art of Appreciation Gratitude is a tricky concept to teach … Continue reading

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Five Preschooler Behaviors that You Should Confront Right Away

Young kids are expected to display behaviors that can sometimes surprise parents. While some of these behaviors are cute and acceptable, others must be stopped right away. Trying to Get your Attention While you are Talking to Somebody It is … Continue reading

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