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Multiple Intelligences and How Teachers Foster Them


Nowadays, children are much more engaged and active in learning especially when they are given an activity that will indulge their strength in a particular type of intelligence. What is more amazing is they just do not stick to a certain type but more or less, they showcase multiple intelligences.

As parents, we are so proud of that fact and as much as possible we want to support them yet we cannot give them our full attention even on their early years because of certain factors like our work.

For this reason, Hilltop Children’s Center, a place long trusted for child care near Liberty Hill, TX is always there for parents who still want to provide the needs of their young children at their temporary absence while developing them to become:

  • self-smart
  • body-smart
  • word-smart
  • music-smart
  • nature-smart
  • people-smart
  • picture-smart
  • number-smart

Here are few of the simple techniques our preschool teachers do to cater the multiple intelligences of your child:

  • Independently work on a project
  • Have fun doing some personal projects and hobbies
  • Use their imagination in an activity
  • Listen, observe and reflect

To discover their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, they will perform:

  • Role plays and do some acting
  • Projects such as building blocks
  • Some active games or sports
  • Manipulative like fixing things using their hands
  • Creative dances and moves

To improve their linguistic intelligence, we usually have:

  • Story-telling
  • Word games
  • Jokes and riddles
  • Writing and reading activities

To enhance their musical intelligence, they can:

  • Listen to simple poetry
  • Listen to tape-recorded songs
  • Play rhythm using musical instruments
  • Whistle, sing and hum melodies and songs

To attain naturalistic intelligence, we will have:

  • To collect some natural materials
  • To exercise caring for animals and plants
  • To take some outdoor activities in which we take a look at animals, plants or the weather

To build up interpersonal intelligence, they:

  • Play and meet new friends
  • Do cooperative and group games
  • Act as a team player to a certain game
  • Help others

To develop their spatial intelligence, we let them:

  • Doodle, draw and write
  • Design and color something
  • Put puzzle pieces together
  • Watch videos or look at posters, maps and charts

To make their logical-mathematical intelligence better, they may:

  • Work with numbers
  • Play some computer games
  • Figure things out and ask questions
  • Organize, sort and gather collections
  • Try to solve brain-teasers appropriate for their age

These kinds of activities are structured for their age. Our preschool teachers ensure that despite of their early years, they can already start indulging themselves with multiple intelligences.

As a child care near Liberty Hill, TX, it is our top priority to consider what your child can do more.

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