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What Parents Need to Know About School Readiness


School readiness is the capacity of a child to make an easy and effective transition into school. However, being ready for school goes beyond merely teaching your child academic skills. Instead, it also entails acquiring a myriad of skills that will impact whether they will succeed in an early childhood education program.

Here at Hilltop Children’s Center, part of our mission as a premier child development center is to ensure that families are equipped with relevant resources to maximize their children’s learning.

As a high-quality children’s center in Texas, allow us to share vital information on how to best support your child’s school readiness:

  • Play games that help your little one to develop self-regulation.

    According to experts, Child directed activities that encourage children to pay attention and follow precise directions are crucial to their development in their early years and beyond. Common examples include “Red Light, Green Light” and the “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” song.

  • Work on improving your child’s concentration.

    In most cases, the more directions you offer kids, the more difficult it will be for them to follow through. Giving your child a few instructions at a time will help them grasp and stay focused on what they are supposed to perform.

  • Teach essential social and communication skills to your child.

    Communication skills are vital for developing and maintaining positive connections in school. By adopting open communication at home, you may provide your child with opportunities to hone their skills.

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