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Home Activities That Strengthen Family Bonding

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After attending child care near Liberty Hill TX, parents and children now have time to do simple home activities that will strengthen their bond as a family. Even sharing a simple meal is enough to add another layer of togetherness, a quality that fortifies their connection with each other.

Family time need not be expensive and it never needs to be done for an audience to see. At home, there are a lot of ways that can be done differently to bring out fun and enjoyment while doing ordinary everyday routines. Take some of these for example:

  • Make Dinner Together
    Include your children during meal preparation and give them a voice to suggest what they want to have for dinner. Given that they are not picky-eaters, a meal prepared for the family is something fun to “fight over” when there is only one chicken leg left but two family members want it. This can be a perfect home example to practice sharing or learning to give up something for the happiness of the other. Make meal times a time to learn about each other, your child’s day and environment at school. You can also let your child know the things you do at work as well to give them a perspective of “mom’s or dad’s day at work”.
  • Bath Time Fun
    Nightly routines can be challenging especially when children still want to play and have a lot of energy to burn. Tell them the purpose why they are cleaning up or taking a bath and remind them why they have to brush their teeth before going to bed. Instead of enforcing schedules on them, remind them of the reasons they do routines. Bath time is a good time for them to go to bed clean and fresh to leave the germs out of their beds. If they are old enough to enjoy a bath on their own, they can simply use this as me-time after their play days at school.
  • Bond Before Sleeping
    This time of the night can be an extension of dinner bonding where you can ask your child about their day, tell stories or watch a quick funny video to send them off to sleep. Always remember to hug and kiss them before they sleep whenever you get the chance to do so. These actions simply comfort them and physically prove your love for them when they can sense your love and touch instead of just hearing I love you.

In order to provide the needs of their family, parents have responsibilities that may keep them from seeing their child right away, that is why our after-school programs in Liberty Hill TX is available for all children who wish to experience more enriching activities to maximize the rest of their day after attending a fun time of learning.

For your child’s enrollment at Hilltop Children’s Center, please call or send us your enrollment inquiries online.

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