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Toddlers (18 to 35 months)

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Preschool (Threes)

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Kindergarten Readiness

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School Age

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Educational Activities You and Your Child Can Do

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21st Century children are undeniably and easily exposed to a lot of technological advancements. It has become inevitable that children 2 years of age already know how to use a handheld viewing device. On the part of the caregiver, there is a level of convenience in giving them a device to keep them entertained for hours on end. But this prolonged and repeated activity is not in any way beneficial for the brain development of young children.

At our child care near Liberty Hill TX, we advocate proper child development and skills learning that creates a good foundation and love for learning as children move to higher levels of education.

Beyond academic teaching, the ultimate goal of our kindergarten readiness program is to train children with good manners and upright moral values that will make them good persons and examples in their respective communities.

To reinforce the training your child gets at Hilltop Children’s Center, here are safe and educational activities you can do with your child:

  • Non-Toxic Art
    The advancement of product research has given rise to more and more child-safe materials. Since kids like to doodle and express their creativity through drawings, non-toxic drawing materials are highly available on the market and have replaced most conventional ones.
  • DIY Toys And Crafts
    Making your own safe alternatives to the things you can find at craft stores and toy sections is another way to make family bonding moments more colorful. Instead of buying a new set of these items, try making them on your own at home.

    • Modeling Clay – Cornstarch, water, salt
    • Watercolor – Water, food coloring
    • Slime – Baking soda, glue, food coloring, and contact lens solution
    • Stamps – Slice fruits and use your homemade watercolors
  • Encourage Recycling
    After making some arts and crafts, you can reuse some of the containers for more recycled crafts. Or simply encourage the recycling of papers for drawing material, cereal boxes for other craft ideas and keep disposable water bottles for plastic collection.

Our after-school programs in Liberty Hill TX promote learning valuable life skills like simple cooking, educational group activities, caring for the environment and even tutorial or help with homework.

Looking forward to enrolling your child at Hilltop Children’s Center? Call us at so we can assist you with your enrollment process.

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