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How to Teach Your Kids to Become Independent

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Each parent strives to direct their children to the right path and make sure that they grow up as competent and responsible individuals.

Teaching them to become independent now will help them greatly in the future.

Here’s how you can start:

  • Step up and become their role model.

    You’ve probably noticed your little ones following you all over the house, imitating every little thing you do, or say. That’s just how kids are. They are like little sponges that absorb anything they come into contact with. You can use that to your advantage!

    Whenever you’re doing a simple chore like folding clothes or sorting out their toys, call them over and show them how it’s done. You can even incorporate a little bit of play time or storytelling to make them become amiable to doing chores.

  • Allow them a bit of freedom.

    Ask for their input when making minor decisions; like choosing the color of the socks they want or the flavor of ice cream they like after dinner.

    Letting your kids make choices will develop their self-confidence. It lets them know that their thoughts are important and it inspires their path for self-discovery. Try to check in with them every once in a while.

    You can also ask them about the kind of household chores they think they are ready to do and supervise them accordingly during the task.

  • Encourage good behavior.

    It can be achieved by administering positive reinforcement.

    This is a technique that is done by giving a treat or reward every time they exhibit a desirable behavior (which in this case would be being independent).

    It instills independence which will result in a positive reaction, and it will motivate them to continue doing so, without needing to be told.

    Rewards don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. Verbal affirmations, like saying; “good job!”, or “you did great!” works, as well as physical affections expressed through kisses, hugs, high fives or head pats. Of course, you can also try extending TV/iPad time, depending on how well they behaved.

  • Don’t expect perfection, just be patient.

    As you may have observed, your children may not finish their tasks the way you would. Don’t worry, they are still learning. It may take some time before they are able to complete a chore the way you do.

    But the good thing is that they are trying and constantly practicing. If you can see that they are having some difficulties, help them until the task is completed.

    Reassure them that it’s okay to mess up sometimes, as long as you responsibly follow after it

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