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Tips on How to Manage Your Picky-Eater Child


If your toddler starts eating pickily, such as by frequently rejecting new foods or repurchasing old ones, your main worry might be whether they are getting enough nutrition during their critical developmental years.

As a trusted child development center, we firmly believe that it’s a good thing that this is unlikely to occur. However, you must watch out that their fussy eating is not rewarded or turned into a habit.

We from Hilltop Children’s Center are listing some tips below that will help you manage your child when they become picky during meals:

  • Do not punish them

    While you should put your foot down if they refuse to eat, you shouldn’t punish them for it. They will only grow to detest the meals you are providing them if you do this.

  • Never quit

    Simply give it another go at every meal like what is usually done in the children’s center in Texas. Often, fussy eating is your child’s attempt to feel secure in the face of the rapid changes occurring in their development.

  • Avoid rewarding them.

    Do not submit if they reject the food that is offered; instead, prepare another meal. As a child care provider, we believe that this will simply promote fussy eating and demonstrate to their other siblings that such conduct is acceptable.

To know more about tips for managing your picky eater child, please feel free to contact us. Please visit our website also to know more about our services. We also have a toddler’s room in Liberty Hill Texas.

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