Teaching Self-Regulation in Children

Teaching Self-Regulation in Children

Parents have been on the receiving end of their kids’ tantrums since time began. From endless cries to children throwing themselves to the ground, tantrums can sometimes be both embarrassing and frustrating for parents. And while most children outgrow these tendencies, by the time they are ready to attend a preschool center, some kids might still have to regulate their emotions.

So, what is self-regulation and how can you, as a parent, help your child learn to regulate their emotional responses?

The term “self-regulation” is used to refer to a range of different characteristics and abilities. A child’s self-regulatory skills are used to focus his attention, control his emotions, and manage his thinking, behavior, and feelings. While adults are good at multitasking and compartmentalizing, children have not developed these skills yet. They are ruled by their impulses and immediate desires and feelings.

As a childcare provider in Liberty Hill Texas, Hilltop Children’s Center offers these tips to help parents teach their kids about self-regulation.

  • Provide structured and predictable daily routines and schedules
  • Work to eliminate environmental distractions when the child becomes upset
  • Talk and teach the child about feelings
  • Allow the child to let off steam in a quiet place
  • Re-direct attention or actions when needed

Using these skills and tools, you can help teach your children to self-regulate their behavior, allowing them to grow into a well-mannered, emotionally adjusted child.

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