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Toddlers (18 to 35 months)

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Preschool (Threes)

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Simple Parenting Tips for Toddlers

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Toddlers are at a stage where they start to feel new emotions: envy, fear, empathy, or embarrassment. As a result, they may throw some tantrums now and then. As a child care provider, Hilltop Children’s Center has heard many stories from parents who find it difficult to manage their kids’ behavior.

At our children’s center in Liberty Hill, Texas, we also help parents understand their children’s developing personalities as they grow up. Especially for toddlers, we advise:

  • Providing a Safe Place to Play
    Toddlers love running around, climbing, and exploring the world around them. Allow them to flaunt their physical skills through structured (adult-led) and unstructured (child-led) play.
  • Regulating Sleep
    Experts recommend sleep time for up to 14 hours for toddlers. If your child gets little sleep at night, let them have lots of nap times during the day.
  • Limiting Screen Time
    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children aged two and below should get more hands-on interactions with adults. Also, streaming child-centered programs on the Internet may not fully develop the child’s communication skills; rather, they need two-way conversations.
  • Setting Media-Free Bonding Time
    Whether you’d like it during bedtime or meals, the family needs ample time together. You can also schedule a day (the weekend perhaps) where everyone breaks free from devices, social media, or TV and just bond all along.

Toddler years are critical in your child’s holistic growth. Get them ready for life by starting with small things. To help them develop the necessary skills with other children, enroll them in our child development center in Liberty Hill, TX. We have comprehensive programs designed for infants up to school-age children!

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