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Answering Parents’ FAQs About Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness is one topic parents, teachers and even the community should not brush under the rug. In fact, this issue among children should be taken with utmost consideration with respect to their circumstances. If a child lacks readiness when he or she goes to kindergarten, chances are he or she will not be able to adjust to school life thus letting them associate schooling with a bad experience.

Because we want our young learners to get ready for school as soon as possible, Hilltop Children’s Center provides quality child care near Liberty Hill, TX and answers a parent’s typical question regarding the start of a children’s chapter of life in school.

What is kindergarten readiness?
Kindergarten readiness refers to how prepared a child is for schooling. It can be encouraged by parents or by providers of child care. There is no single factor that determines if a child is already set off for school. But you can tell if your child is already mature enough in the following aspects:

  1. Physical
    A child’s physical development includes his or her overall well being and how developed their body is.
  2. Social
    Is your child exhibiting good manners? Is he or she unafraid to talk to the adults and his or her age group?
  3. Cognitive/strong>
    Does your child already know how to count? How about recognizing his or her name from other names? Is he or she prepared to learn?

The truth is: there is a possibility your child will only excel in one of this aspect and may lag on others. This is just normal and you do not have to put the blame on the child, yourself, your spouse or your environment.

What is cutoff dates? How can a parent know if their child has met with the deadlines?
Cutoff dates pertain to deadlines schools set in order to decide whether or not the child can cross the threshold to the next kindergarten class. It is a must for children to be 5 years of age by the time of the cutoff date. Most schools set the cutoff date on the 1st day of September.

Before, schools strictly determine the cutoff through the child’s age but research has proven that the most important things to consider are the child’s physical, social and cognitive aspect. A parent can assess whether or not their child is ready for school through the help of service providers such as Hilltop Children’s Center’s child care near Liberty Hill, TX. Not only will we help you identify the readiness of your child but also help him or her prepare for school.

Is a screening test necessary for the child to enter kindergarten?
It just depends on the school. Some schools offer tests like identifying colors, drawing, sorting objects, etc. This will determine if your child will be given a “go” signal. If you want to help prepare your child for the screening test in the school of your choice, opt for our child care near Liberty Hill, TX by going through our website at www.hilltopchildrenscenter.com.

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