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Toddlers (18 to 35 months)

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What Parents Have to Say

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Parental Involvement


The parent’s presence in their children’s lives is crucial to their growing up years. They need guidance during their formative years – to learn new skills, acquire positive attitudes, and develop self-esteem.

However, more involvement is needed for the kids’ well-being. We have to set boundaries so our children can learn how to be independent.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of parental involvement in their kids’ schooling at a children’s center in Texas.


  • Complete attendance and lower dropout rates
  • Active participation in child directed activities
  • Improved social skills and relationships with family, teachers, schoolmates, etc.


  • Parents become distractions, causing a lack of focus
  • Dependency on parents
  • Parents frequently step in inside the child development center to attend to their children’s needs.

Parents must understand that they can be present in the toddler’s room in Liberty Hill Texas to help their kids learn. They can contribute to their children’s education even at home.

We understand your desire for your children to get high-quality education through an early childhood education program. And that is why Hilltop Children’s Center is here to be your partner in building a better foundation of learning.

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