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5 Things That Lower Your Childs Learning Self-Esteem at Home

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How do you know if your kid is going through a low learning self-esteem? Sometimes, we do not always realize what our children go through until we see their grades. Even if you have exposed them to programs on kindergarten readiness, sometimes you still cannot figure out what is affecting your child’s behavior.

As a provider of child care near Liberty Hill TX, let us share with you this bit of knowledge on what factors affect your child’s decreasing self-esteem.

  1. Lack of moral support
    The lack of moral support can greatly decrease your child’s interest in school and extracurricular activities. When we do not support their interests and hobbies, they eventually stop liking it as well. We need to support them, encourage them and motivate them to accomplish many things when it comes to their education and passion.
  2. Lack of verbal affirmation
    Your words, as a parent, have huge effects on their choices and interests. When they see or hear that they upset or disappoint you, they let go of the things that they like. Next time they share or talk about something, listen and praise them. Tell them their flaw and teach them how to improve themselves, but never make them feel like they did not do their best.
  3. Lack of educational resource
    Lack of learning resources can play a role in their low learning self-esteem as well. Learning resources may come in the form of time, materials and tools, or visual, and audio aids. When it is imbalanced to your child’s disposal, your child may lose focus and concentration while learning.
  4. Distractions
    Your child can be easily distracted by nonsensical things. Once they indulge in these unhealthy distractions, they forget what they like doing. They can forget the love of learning, growing, and developing themselves. Their attention span is not as developed as adults. This is why it is important to keep the distractions limited and for a short period of time.
  5. Comparison with others
    It is important to remember that, while motivating our children to be confident and wise individuals, we unconsciously compare them to others. We may think this is a way of encouraging them to be stronger and smarter but instead, the child learns to distrust their own capability. Learn to use empowering words that focus on what they can do. This way, they will know there’s something they can do.

We must always set ourselves as good role models for the kids who look up to us. Our habits become their habits. We must always consider the fact that they are still developing themselves as individuals. We can work on our mistakes and adjust, but they live with it as they grow up since it’s what they see us do and say. May we raise the next generation of leaders with a heart for true growth and development.

We have after-school programs in Liberty Hill TX at Hilltop Children’s Center. To inquire about our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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