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5 Reasons Why Reading Should Be a Thing for Children

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Hilltop Children’s Center believes that reading is an important activity for children. As a child care near Liberty Hill, TX, we make sure children get enough reading activities. Learning how to read during or after preschool is very beneficial to a child and this should become a favorite activity or pastime for him or her too. Why? Here are the five (5) reasons why reading should be a thing for children:

  1. Reading improves a child’s imagination.
    Reading makes children think, fantasize and imagine. After the reading activities, we let the child draw the story that he or she has read. You will be surprised at how their imaginations work! We have always believed that imagination is an open door to all of life’s wondrous and beautiful things. As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”
  2. Reading adds more words to a child’s word bank.
    Reading introduces children to new words every day. At Hilltop Children’s Center, we make sure children understand their readings by unlocking new words for them.
  3. Reading takes a child to places he or she has never been to before.
    We are not just a child care near Liberty Hill, TX, we actually bring the children to places they have never been to before through reading. As their imaginations work, they become more creative and the stories they read become more vivid in their minds. That is how reading brings them to various other worlds.
  4. Reading makes a child smarter.
    The more the child reads, the more things he or she knows. It increases a child’s knowledge base. Books introduce a child to cultures, morals, and other wonders. Reading stimulates the brain to ask questions and to obtain answers to them.
  5. Reading encourages the child to talk more.
    When a child knows more from reading, then he or she has something to share about. Reading stories encourages a child to talk and ask questions. They talk about the stories in class. They are asked to describe the stories too. This is how they are encouraged to participate and interact.

Hilltop Children’s Center, a child care near Liberty Hill, TX, is a place for your child. We guarantee you their safety and well-being under our care. To know more of our services, call us at 512-966-1106 or email us at htccenter@gmail.com.

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