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3 Values we Learn from Our Moms

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Our mothers are hands down the most wonderful people to ever come to our lives. They may be hotheaded or unreasonable sometimes. But we all know that we love our moms because without them, we would be nothing but a singular cell.

Other than the gift of life, our mothers are responsible in teaching us values. They are our first teachers after all. What are these values and how did we learn from them? In dedication to all the mothers out there, Hilltop Children’s Center is going to list the three important values we acquired from our mom:

  1. Trust

    From the moment we are born, we do not know anybody in this world. We are suddenly released from the comfort of our mother’s womb. Unlike in our safe confinement, the world outside is cold and harsh. That is why we cried the moment we got out.

    Because of our mother’s touch, we learn that there is someone who can make us feel alright. This certain person taught us that the world is not scary in the first place. She nourished us with milk from her breasts. She made us feel warm, clean and comfortable. She taught us to trust her without any reward.

  2. Independence

    We cling on to our mothers for support. Every time we need something, we call our mothers to provide us. Whenever we felt down or stressed, we ask for our mother’s guidance and loving touch.

    But they do not provide this all the time. Mothers make sure that there is a fine line between independence and reliance. She taught us things and skills we need to know. She taught us how to cook, laundry, clean our room, etc. and she does this to make us independent in the future.

  3. Love
    Mom does a lot of funny things. She gives us her chocolate piece even if she wants it. She prioritizes us over her own well being. She comes to our plays, games, etc. even if she needs rest. Little did we know that she is already displaying and teaching us that value called love.

Bearing all of those qualities is utterly unconditional. But because these following additional qualities give them spice and flavor to their functions, they happily overcome any challenges.

Children, listen to this. Mother’s Day is fast approaching. So what better way to spend the day than thanking your mom for all the things she has done in your life?

Mothers, you need a break. Ask help from our child care near Liberty Hill, TX especially when you are busy with work and other responsibilities. You cannot expect to juggle too many balls while riding on a unicycle on a rope and spitting fire. We are all human after all and that does not exempt you.

For more inquiries, visit www.hilltopchildrenscenter.com. What value did you learn from your mother? Comment your answers below.

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