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3 Key Benefits of Reading to your Children

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Does your child love to read? Have they developed a reading habit at a young age? Probably, you have seen your child reading the children’s stories but you really cannot tell yet whether they love reading or not. Reading is one habit that is essential for your child’s learning. It can give them a number of benefits that you cannot easily get from playing or watching TV.

At Hilltop Children’s Center, a trusted Child Care near Liberty Hill, TX, we want to cultivate the habit of reading to children at an early age. We do not only prioritize learning through reading, but we also want reading to be one of the best bonding time between children and their parents.

So if you are wondering what are the key benefits that we can get out of reading, here are three important things that you must take note of:

  1. Mastery of their linguistic skills at a young age

    Reading makes your brain active. You do not only get to imagine and be creative with the words that you have read, but you can also develop your vocabulary skills at a young age. Children have very limited words, but through reading, they are exposed to more complicated words wherein they would be encouraged to search for its meaning.

    With developed linguistic skills, they become better communicators too. They can express themselves better because they are familiar with common expressions and they can find the right words to describe how they feel and what to say.

  2. Better performance in school

    A voracious reader makes a child smarter and sharper in thinking. They can easily comprehend with the lessons, making it easier for them to cope up with the discussions. Children who have developed a reading habit before preschool already have advanced skills so they can perform better in school.

    Reading also develops critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills which are essential in learning math and science. With all these things being considered, your child can really perform well in school.

  3. It tickles their imagination

    Reading takes you to different places, they say. Thus, when you are reading, your imagination is working as well. You can explore your creative side because of the things that you can read in the books. You can come up with different ideas because of the things that you can read in the books.

    Indeed, reading is not just fun, but it is also packed with learning as well. So if you want your child to excel in class and perform better in social aspects, let them learn to love the art of reading.

For more information about our classes and programs, visit us at Hilltop Children’s Center, a Child Care in Liberty Hill, TX. You can contact us at www.hilltopchildrenscenter.com or call us at 512-966-1106.

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