High Quality Early Childhood Education

The goal of early childhood education is to prepare students to enter grade school with the proper tools to succeed. These tools include the ability to rationalize various tasks, do critical thinking, and help them become self-sufficient.

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According to Learning Policy Institute, the building blocks of high-quality early childhood education program includes (click here for full article):

  • Comprehensive early learning standards and curricula
  • Appropriate child assessment
  • Professional knowledge and skills
  • Support for diverse learners
  • Meaningful family engagement
  • Sufficient time
  • Appropriate class size and teacher-student ratio
  • Comprehensive program assessment
  • Quality rating and improvement systems

Quality childcare makes a difference for children and families. Being passionate in early child education, we focus on providing care for kids aged from 18 months to 9 years old. We partner with families from all walks of life to create meaningful learning experience for every little one through play and developmentally appropriate activities. The following enables us to accomplish this at Hilltop…

  • We partner with families to support them in their task of nurturing children
  • We care for and educate children in a positive emotional and social environment
  • We strive to build individual relationship with each child
  • We base our program practices upon current knowledge and research in the field of early childhood education, child development and related disciplines through continuing educations and training
  • We create and maintain safe and healthy setting that fosters children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development
  • We ensure that each child’s culture, language, ethnicity, and family structure are recognized and valued in the program
  • We strive to provide the community with high quality early childhood care and education programs and services

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