Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool in Liberty Hill, TX

Our Kindergarten Readiness Pre-K program is offered 5 half-day or full-day per week. Children are required to be fully potty trained to attend the program.

The curriculum consists of both teacher-initiated and child directed activities which focus on building social-emotional and cognitive skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten and years to come. It is consistent with Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and Liberty Hill ISD PreK program.

The concept that children learn best through play is reflected in the set up of each classroom; an environment that encourages experimentation, independence and building of self-esteem.

Based on research from public school teachers, we put a strong focus on social and emotional skills, physical education, sensory activities, thinking and reasoning, sensory activities, and most of all, making sure the child is happy.

kid playing puzzle