Learning: How to Do It One Step at a Time

Learning: One Step at a Time

Our children are the very reason why we toil and strive hard every single day. We want the best for them; comfortable clothes, delicious food and quality education. After all, our children are the hope of the next generation.

Quality education does not only start when they attend primary school. But we should know that quality education starts at an even earlier stage. Hilltop Children’s Center is a hub that provides child care near Liberty Hill, TX. This institution provides the perfect path for your children as they take their first few steps in learning. With the different program offerings to choose from, you can be sure that your child’s growth and development is a top priority.

Hilltop Children’s Center offers the following programs:

  1. Twos & Early Preschool
  2. Kindergarten Readiness Preschool
  3. After-School Program
  4. Non-School Day Camps
  5. Summer Camps
  6. Extended care to 7:30 PM

These programs are carefully and meticulously tailored to ensure premium child care near Liberty Hill, TX. Fostering growth and promoting good social skills are the keystones with which the programs at Hilltop Children’s Center are prepared and crafted.

Apart from the programs, the center also prides a top-calibre set of facilities that your children will get to utilize. Your children’s safety is ensured as the Liberty Hill ISD Transportation will serve as the transportation of the kids to and from the Center. You can also be sure that there is personal supervision and monitoring of the child’s learning development because of the exceptionally small class size. This will allow our faculty to fully focus on cultivating the right knowledge and skills on your child. Healthy meals and snacks are also prepared and served to the children to ensure that they eat only nutritious meals while in school.

Children can also learn basic courtesy and moral values at such a young age because such are included in the daily activities and basic curriculum. This is simply because we believe that having the right attitude now will ensure a smooth path of learning for your child in the future.

Call us now and allow us to give you excellent child care near Liberty Hill, TX. Dial 512-966-1106.

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