Liberty Hill, TX Day Care Programs

As a family-owned Childcare, we know it is the little things that make the difference in the daycare center you choose. We know that children need support and individualized attention in order to develop trust and confidence as they grow.

We pride ourselves in not being a traditional daycare, but instead, a private preschool that provides an enriched, age-appropriate curriculum for each step of early childhood education.

Currently, we offer a choice of 5 half (9:00 to 2:30) or full (6:30 to 6:00) days per week. We provide healthy meals and snacks while your child is in our care.

At Hilltop, we understand kids of different ages have different needs which is why our programs are tailored to meet everything your child needs for development as we nurture their growth.

Fortify your child’s first few steps in learning; call us now at 512-966-1106 if you want your child to take part in these programs we offer:

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Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum, Frog Street®, is thematically organized and includes learning experiences in the areas of language, math, science, engineering, technology, art, music, physical education, Spanish, Sign Language, as well as emotional and social development. Children will enjoy a group setting as well as an individual learning experience at our center for child care near Liberty Hill, TX.

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