Liberty Hill, TX Day Care Events

We’re all in this together!


As families begin to explore education options during these unprecedented times, we will be providing a learning environment in which a facilitator will assist children from Kinder to 2nd grade, whom will be virtually learning from their public-school teachers, starting August 27th. The facilitator will provide additional instruction to complement what is being covered through the virtual public-school program as well as implement fun, yet educational, activities during down time. Our classrooms have lower ratios than school ISD, more rigorous health and safety practices, and more one-on-one child-teacher interaction. Children in our Virtual Learning Program will not have exposure to our regular program children. Please fill out Pre-registration form or call 512-966-1106 to learn more.


To allow more time to clean and sanitize, Hilltop Children’s Center has reduced hours (7:30 AM to 5:30 PM) until further notice.
We understand that families may choose to keep kids at home, but for those who cannot work from homes, or those who without alternatives for watching kids, we’re here to support them.  We continue to closely monitor guidelines from Governor Abbot’s office, Child Care Licensing, and Center for Disease Control.

We are working to be flexible and responsive as possible to our Hilltop Family and community needs in this time of stress. At Hilltop Children’s Center, we maintain high standards for safety and cleanliness. Our strong commitment to the health and well-being of our children is exemplified by reinforcing proper hand washing habits prior to the pandemic.

We instituted additional sanitation and cleaning procedures to address the concern and are conducting health screening of everyone entering our school. Other safety measures we have taken include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreasing group sizes and practices to reduce or eliminate interactions between groups/classrooms.. 
  • All drop/offs and pickups occur outside the Center to enforce social distancing. 
  • Temperatures are taken before entry; if it is over 100 degrees, staff or children will be sent home and encouraged to contact their primary care provider.
  • Children are asked to change their shoes when they enter the school in order to avoid bringing extra germs into the school.
  • We continue to require everyone to wash their hands upon arrival at the school and will wash thoroughly before eating meals or snacks and through the day.
  • Toys and sleeping equipment are disinfected on a regular schedule, as well as when the situation warrants. Removing play items that can’t be disinfected easily.
  • Require all sick children and staff to stay home. 
  • If Hilltop Children’s Center experiences a confirmed case of Coronavirus of either a staff member or one of our children, we will close down for at least three days to allow for the disinfection of all surfaces within the Center.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a closed-circuit television monitoring system and an intercom system. This provides additional visual supervision and allows for instant communication with the front desk.

Here is the link to Governor’s Child Care Regulation: Open Texas Checklist for Child Care Families