Kindergarten Readiness Preschool

Kindergarten Readiness Preschool in Liberty Hill, TX

How ready is your child to be in Kindergarten? At Hilltop Children’s Center, we conduct School Readiness Assessments. This will determine if they are able to cope with Kindergarten activities upon the start of the school year.

Our number one goal to provide the kind of environment that encourages all children to become creative, independent, responsible, fully functioning, and self-directed individuals.

The Preschool Program at our center for child care near Liberty Hill, TX is designed to assist young children in developing those skills that will prepare them for learning on a higher level. Focus areas include, letter, number, object, shape and color recognition. Other areas of development include activities that re-enforce positive socialization skills.

Our daily activities consist of music and movement, reading and writing, introduction to the Spanish language, physical education, exploration and discovery, and math and exploration.

The Kindergarten Readiness program is more than just learning basic letters, counting, color recognition, and shape identification. Our curriculum also introduces a variety of themes on a weekly basis which can be exciting for kids. They look forward to another new theme and are excited every Monday for new experiences in different subjects such as math, science, vocabulary enhancement, storytelling and music.

To incorporate manners and good conduct, we teach children a new value to appreciate and practice. These include honesty, cooperation, generosity, patience and many others.