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Ways to Help Your Child Understand the Importance of Kindness

Kindness is an essential lesson of friendship. As parents you wish your child to be empathetic, caring and strong. Being kind to one another is a significant step to make friends and respect each other. It is necessary to regularly … Continue reading

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How to Effectively Deal with your Child’s Preschool Separation Anxiety

The day your child goes to preschool for the very first time will be quite exciting. However, know that it’s normal for your child to experience separation anxiety. Experts say that by the time a child reaches the age of … Continue reading

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How to Distinguish a Child’s Learning Style (Part 1)

Seeing children at an early age perform on stage with confidence may make you dream of them as your own. For you, they may definitely be such gifted kids, a child prodigy. And of course, as parents, we are guilty … Continue reading

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How Preschool Teachers Cater to Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences

Nowadays, children are much more engaged and active in learning especially when they are given an activity that will indulge their strength in a particular type of intelligence. What is more amazing is they just do not stick to a … Continue reading

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What all children must learn: The value of having values

Good to be smart and intelligent however having the right values and attitudes towards different things and aspects in life are just as important. Values are principles in life that will mostly guide a person’s behavior. In children, good values … Continue reading

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After-school activities and why children need them

Finding our identities and knowing what we want to be in the future is a basic and natural desire and everybody has it. Early behaviors of a child can actually be predictors of what a child will be or what … Continue reading

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