After-School Program

After-School Program in Liberty Hill, TX

Hilltop Children’s Center wants children to know their passion while they are young. Some of us may have known people in the middle of their lives not having any hobby or a passion and they just struggle to do their day job without any other interest and passion to live for.

We want your child to know their dreams and to keep their dreams close them. With our after school programs that your child can choose from, you can give them a vision on how they want their life years ahead of now:

  • Tutorial or Remedial Class with Homework Assistance
  • Basic Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Group activities
  • Gardening

If you have after school activities that your child wants to enjoy, please call us at the number below. Also, if you want to enroll your child in any of the after school programs above, call us now with these numbers 512-966-1106.

In our unique before and after care program at the facility for child care near Liberty Hill, TX, the safety and enjoyment of our school-age group is our number one priority. It is very important to us that our school-age friends feel happy and comfortable at all times. We have numerous planned activities for them.

Snacks will be provided as well as assistance with homework. We get the kids engaged in worthwhile activities until they are picked up by their parents. Some of the activities in after school revolve around enhancing core competencies such as:

  • Communication
  • Physical Skills / Sports
  • Public Speaking / Show and Tell
  • Computer Technology
  • Creative Arts
  • Music

We understand that some parents have a long commute from Austin and cannot pick up their child at 6:00. We offer extended hours until 7:30 PM, where your child will be provided a healthy dinner and have finished homework, so they will be ready for family quality time when they are picked up.